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My VIP Web Design specializes in Web Design and Web Development for companies all over the globe.   We provide custom Website Design , not cookie cutter templates that look like everybody else!  Plus the best part is we charge 50-60% less than our competitors for a real customized website!!
Our company also offers other services valuable to your business, such as Search Engine Marketing    Corporate Logo DesignWebsite HostingEmail accounts and much more.  
We are amazed at how many websites are on the Internet that cannot be found.  What is the point of having a website if you can't be found?  We liken it to the analogy "your website is like a billboard in the forest, if you can't be found by the search engines, no one will know it is there until you trip over it".

Our services not only include website design but most importantly search engine optimization.  When putting a web design page together it is absolutely necessary to consider this step before you ever publish a single web page.

The first step we take is to analyze your industry and give you a comprehensive keyword phrase database.  This database comes directly from Google!   Google provides us with the what keyword phrases are most popular for your business.

Let's take for example, you are a probate lawyer; and you tell us you want to target the keyword phrase "Probate Lawyers".  Well Google tells us that "Probate Lawyers" is searched on average of 6,600 times a month, but the search phrase, "Probate Attorneys" gets searched for 74,000 times a month.  This valuable information is the difference between getting a little business and a LOT OF BUSINESS...

We want to work with you to help you get more business. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing from our customers how they got new business because of the website we created for them. 

Do you know what it takes to get your website found on First Page on Google? We do!!!  We have been studying Google  for years and we know what it takes to create a "Search Engine Friendly Site"!!   All of our SEO Strategies strictly follow the Google Guidelines. We have been at the top of the search results for years!     In Fact, every one of our clients are found on the first page of Google.  Visit our Client Portfolio Page and you can see the results for yourself! 

Call us today and get found on Google in no time!!

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